#SongSquad is all about making music and friends! We aim to teach children the fundamentals of music-making while building friendships. The primary focus of our children's choir is Christ's love for all children, and the importance of sharing that love with each other. It's one hour, each week, packed with laughter, songs, games, stories, and friends. Our rehearsals are held in the Fellowship Hall of First United Methodist Church, located in the heart of downtown Sarasota.




Music Fine Arts Series

First United Methodist Church has a long tradition of musical excellence in the greater Sarasota area. Our music ministry offers an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for all to serve.  Music has always played an important role in the life of those who follow God, and it has been a cornerstone of First United Methodist Church for over a century.  As we build upon the firm foundation of Christ through a rich history of quality church music, we have a diverse group of talented musicians with multiple styles who serve faithfully in our music ministry.  We believe: Our  purpose is to glorify God. Our  mission is to make disciples of Christ.  Our  vision is to further God’s Kingdom.


The Sanctuary Choir is made up of individuals 16 and above and serves as the principal musical leadership in our  11 a.m. worship hour.  In addition, to worship leadership, the choir also presents concerts each season for the congregation and greater Sarasota community, including the annual Christmas Concert and Carol Sing.  Our choir always welcomes new choristers to share in the joy of making music.  Contact Michael Stuart at 955.0935 or


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 Jazz at First Church

The popular Jazz at First Church, now in its 22nd season, made its debut on the Sarasota music scene in 1996.  Initially known as “Jazz Vespers,” the series was patterned after similar programming at a church in Manhattan. The series was organized by well-known,  local jazz enthusiast and active church member Lucinda (Lucy) White (now deceased) who formed a team with jazz pianist Fred Williams (also deceased). The programs were November thru April in the church chapel – thus “Jazz in the Chapel.” This jazz series became an immediate and ongoing success! 

The congregational and community patronage grew out of the limited seating in the chapel.  Jazz at First Church now enjoys its home in the beautiful sanctuary on a Sunday afternoon November thru April with two programs (4 and 5:30 p.m.), each one hour in length. The very popular Jazz Trio, accompanied by guest musicians, performs at each of the concerts and  contributes immensely to the success of this annual series.  All the musicians are professional and known both locally, regionally, even nationally and internationally.  Jazz at First Church features a full gamut of instrumental artistry including trumpet, guitar, bass, and vibraphone. The musicians also bring an eclectic mixture of styles – jazz and hard-bop jazz, bossa nova, the swing tradition, and others.  Their professional musical experience enables them to present programming rich in tradition and with excellence. 

Jazz at First Church allows its patrons to enjoy live jazz in combination with dinner downtown or other evening plans. Jazz at First Church schedules with dates and programs are available at First United Methodist Church (Sundays and weekdays), online at, and in local publicity such as The Ticket of Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


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